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The world’s most influential leaders, business people, and innovators know the one key characteristic to help them reach their goals and effect change. They possessed not only the ability to wield influence, but they are BEING influential.

The good news is, BEING INFLUENTIAL is based on 7 TRAITS we all possess in a more or less developed state.

The higher those traits are developed within ourselves, the more influential we are being and can move the minds, hearts, and souls of those around us. Not through positional power or manipulation tactics, but through who we are BEING and what we stand for.

Boost  Confidence & Courage 

Drive your goals and vision forward 

Be Empowering

And create a community around you regardless of your position 

Be Passionate

get the buy in from others and get loyal followers and collaborators

Feel fullfilled and happy

Transcend your ideas and vision and make a massive difference

"Being Influential is probably the most important quality
you need to possess to be a highly effective Leader"

Being Influential is synonymous with "real" gives you the POWER to ...

More About Influence

A review of the last 20 years studying the greatest influencers in the world; Gandhi, Christ, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Suu Kyi, Benazir, Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, Rosa Parks, John Maxwell, M. Scot Peck, Jack Welch and many others -  shows it wasn’t just what these people did that made them influential. It wasn’t because they had money, position or authority. They were influential because of who they were or are  and the traits they possess.


Is the measure of trust or faith you have in yourself and your abilities
People follow people who exhibit a high level of confidence. Who have to ability to stand behind who they are, what they do and say.  

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