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Meet Martina

Dipl. Mind Trainer-Coach  & 25 years Business Experience in Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies

In her 25 years career in the High-Tech industry she worked, trained and coached for Fortune 500 global corporations including Microsoft and Oracle, government bodies  such as Ministry of Defense UK, Saudi Arabia, United Nations, Nato and has been University Lecturer on and off since 20 years.  Furthermore, she is Technology entrepreneur, serving multinational clients across many industries,  and Start-UPs. She trained and coached directors, sales-and technology consultants along her career path almost everyday. Either in a specific field of technology or for career advancement. Today she advises, coaches and teaches individuals and organizations to reach their full potential in the fields of personal development, strategic transformation to become highly influential. 

Alongside she is a partner in Blue Street Advisors, a global consultancy with a family office. 

Her personal drivers are for a sustainable and abundant future for all, where…
• …the human transforms from being an asset on the companies books to the centre of all business matters
• …the core of an organizational purpose is to create sustainability and profound wellbeing for all its stakeholders
• …profit is only a KPI how well an organization is achieving its purpose
• …technology becomes the accelerator
• …purpose is the glue to drive all stakeholders into the same direction
• …collaboration is the driver for all human interaction

She is fast moving and outcome-driven, with a servant-leadership mind-and heart set.


Martina's general Work Background
The following 20 years were spent in the IT sector, starting her professional career at Microsoft as the youngest Product Manager in Microsoft's history. She then specialized in business development for multiple firms. In 2002 she became MD of an IT consultancy firm in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Sweden, serving large and renowned client's world-wide. Back in Switzerland she led Altran a French owned consulting firm back into profit. Later she joined Oracle as technology transformation specialist, coach and trainer for Oracle account managers. After 20 years in the IT industry she retired from it, only taking on the occasional, for her interesting IT assignment. However, her main time is spend today creating visions for organizations to become sustainable in the future and coaching and training future leaders. 


Martina's Trainer Background:
I started my training career very early, 1999 as the Head of the E-Commerce department, for Houston Community further Adult education department. I designed the curriculum and set up the department, taught classes, and coached other instructors. In early 2000 I was guest lecturer at the University of St. Gallen to encourage females to enter the field of IT. Later I gave guest lectures on advanced IT technologies and strategies, at the University of Colchester (back then No 2 University in the field of IT in England). I was training consultant for many years and co-author for Learningtree International for advanced IT courses, Management and Advanced PMI Project-Manamgent courses for large and renown clients. Including such names as United Nations, NATO. Banks on trading and  payment platforms and many more. I trained and coached directors, sales-and technology consultants along my career path almost everyday. Either in a specific field of technology or for career advancement. Today I advise, coach and teach individuals and organizations to reach their full potential in the fields of personal development and strategic transformation.

Alongside with being an instructor at Schellhammer Business School for Leadership on MBA level. 

Martina's Sales/Leadership Background:
She has spent 20 years in different roles, always with direct or indirect leadership functions and budget responsibility in sales and technology, (product manager, strategic technology consulting, business development, technical-and sales team coaching, CTO and CEO positions) in large to small enterprises, spanning up to a responsibility of 1200 staff in my cross-functional teams. In those 20 years she always overachieved the teams/my targets. Her personal deal closing rates are in the upper 90%, if the deal has been identified as needed/wanted by the client. The biggest deal her team with, her as a facilitator, closed was in the 20 Million Euros for Airbus.  In her position at Oracle she always closed the year with over 140%, which is rather amazing based on the current image issues the firm is facing in the industry and the challenging technology stack she has been looking after.

Martina's Awards and special achievements:

  • North America Leader of the future award (DECA) with MBA scholarship award for Stanford (never took it up, due to work and time restrictions)

  • Business of the year Award, Essex UK Chamber of Commerce

  • Trade Ambassador to Saudi Arabia for the UK

  • Approached by conservative party in the UK to run as MP

  • Published a book on distributed architecture (Biztalk in 2002)

  • Setting up successfully an IT consulting firm in Saudi Arabia

  • Coached and encourage females to enter the IT sector 

Martina's Motivation:
She made it her life goal to equip people to become the driving force to change organizations. As she knows that the economy needs to adopt a new business model. Away from being only margin driven back to having Customer and employee satisfaction as their main key drivers. Knowing very well success is imminent on all levels, if the employee is in the center and gets a chance to be the best she or he can be, is empowered and has the feeling she or he can make a difference.In short: a happy successful employee will generate a happy customer.
With her Visionary strategic view, workshops and coaching  she wants to assist people to become the best they can be. By equipping them with all tools they need to be highly effective and efficient and being a balanced and whole human being.

A little on Martina's private life:
For the bigger part of my life nowadays I enjoy being in nature near Marbella, in Southern Spain. Walking my dog in the hills or on the beach. Meeting friends in a relaxed atmosphere, exchange ideas and bash innovative approaches. Now and then, I love putting on a glamorous dress and mingle with the beautiful, famous and rich in Marbella's night clubs.
I love driving fast and loud cars and motorbikes. I guess this is my mechanical engineering heart. The most thrilling race I ever have done was the Cannonball Rally London to Rome coming in 4th with my sports car of 137 drivers (135 where male drivers). I hold a private pilots license and used to fly aerobatics competitions for the UK aerobatic association with a high performance aerobatic aircraft, an Extra 200.  In the past I was a judge and PR person for the  UK aerobatic association, and helped organize the World Aerobatic Championships in Silverstone, UK
Furthermore I love sailing and hold an RYA commercial Yachtmaster certificate. So should my life on land ever become boring I can take up a paid job on high seas.
Otherwise, my life is quite normal. Having been married once and divorced again, I am since 7 years in a wonderful relationship, sharing a huge flat with my partner near Zürich, Switzerland and jet setting between Zürich, Switzerland and Southern Spain, near Marbella.

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