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Martina Willis



"Being Influential is probably the most important quality
you need to possess to transform your World"

Online Coaching & Master Classes with Martina Willis

For Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Visionaries who want to have a massive impact in the future of humanity

Meet Martina

Dipl. Mind Trainer-Coach  & 25 years Business Experience in Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies

In her 20+ years career in the High-Tech industry she worked, trained and coached for Fortune 500 global corporations including Microsoft and Oracle, government bodies  such as Ministry of Defense UK, Saudi Arabia, United Nations, Nato and has been University Lecturer on and off since 20 years.  Furthermore, she is Technology entrepreneur, serving multinational clients across many industries,  and Start-UPs. She trained and coached directors, sales-and technology consultants along her career path almost everyday. Today she advises, coaches and teaches individuals and organizations to reach their full potential in the fields of personal development, strategic transformation to become highly influential. 

Alongside she is a partner in Blue Street Advisors, a global consultancy with a family office. 


Some of the Companies Martina worked for 


What I Specialize In

Transform Your Mindset & and live Life on Your Terms

Be Influential & become a highly effective Leader 

Have the Courage & Confidence to Be Who you Are 

Connect to your Intuition & Live Passionately

Reach your Career Goals -Set up Your Own Business 


The Journey Towards Being Influential Begins on the Path of Self Discovery. Begin Your Journey Today and start becoming the change you want to see in the world ... BE INFLUENTIAL

"Martina was highly influential as my mentor, and was able to provide an atmosphere of motivation allowing me to reach to new heights personally and professionally. Her open collaboration along with a personality mix of driving to the next level but done with just the right amount of care gave me an open book in which I could write my future. I owe many things to Martina but the one item she earned was my respect."

Gregg Lowe, VP,
IT Operations, Boyd GamingCorporation, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Working with Martina as my coach is the best decision I have made in a long time. She pairs her incredible insight into human behavior with very powerful and innovative assessment tools. This powerful combination allows her to get to the core of the issue more effectively and helps me to focus on specific areas. I truly feel I’ve come quite a long way in a short period of time."

Gemma Sanz de la Serna, Managing Director Shared Why LTD, PhD Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

"When I took the KII®, reality hit hard, but I was not surprised. It accurately reflected how I felt. After 3 days of intensive One-to-One coaching I retook the KII® and this time I was positively surprised, how fast I transformed and finally had access again to my inner being; being in alignment"

Giorgia Prestento, Behavioral Scientist, MSc London School of Economics, London, UK

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